10 Logo Inspirations for your new business

Be the Boss of your own business without spending a dime.

With the huge significance of a logo as part of your marketing strategy, it is nothing but crucial to get help from a professional in order to succeed in the marketplace. Remember that your logo is the face of your company and as such, it must simplify and describe the most important aspects of your brand. Your logo in just a few words will be the vehicle to transport your message across all those potential clients who don’t know about you yet! As I think about it, people need to care about it as a child, because they might not remember the name of the seller who helped you find that awesome blouse you are wearing, but for sure you remember the brand (been there, done that too). 

So a logo (believe me) is not a matter of joke, as a matter of fact, it is the holy grail of your businesses. If you are still wondering why the heck is a logo so important, I recommend you to read my previous post “10 reasons why Graphic Design must be a priority on your business”, where I go into more detail about all this. Just remember that you need a logo which qualities match with your company’s attitude and with a strong message to portray to your customers and competitors.

Here I have collected 10 Great Logo that will bring some creative juices flowing. All these logos are available on Etsy for purchase or inspiration.

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