4 Ways to use styled stock pictures in your business

Be the Boss of your own business without spending a dime.

As a business owner you must lear to wear a lot of different hats, but sometimes your days just don’t have enough hours to catch up with all the tasks in your To Do list. Being a part-time accountant, manager, and photographer of your own products can be exhausting. When it comes to designing your own sites, publishing a blog post or even just creating nice social media posts just insert some stock photos and VOILA! Instant game changer. Stock photos are the best to elevate your brand to a whole different level.

So here I bring you my top 4 Ways to Use Styled Stock Pictures in your Business:

  1. Website:

Your site is the first place your potential clients might look for you, so you must make sure your image represents the kind of professional you want to be portrayed as. The experience you create for your clients must be the priority since this will be the initial impression they’ll have about your brand. If you think creating beautiful personalized images is out of your budget, then stock images are for you. There are tons of resources that you can use, paid or even free for you to explore that will do the job as good if not better in creating a beautiful site to be proud of.

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2. Social Media

I bet you have been there too, you have your social media planner but you are constantly struggling with content. Don’t worry we have you covered!, Having a collection of stock photography can help you take your foot out of the mud, allowing you to create amazing looking visuals for all your social media platforms. Instagram posts, Facebook cover photos or even Youtube channel banners, the sky is your limit. You can have the same imagery from your website all across your social media platforms to create harmony and continuity all around your brand. Want to know how to create those images and turn them into amazing visuals? Check out this tutorial on how to Create Eye catching Pinterest Images with Canva.

3. Blogging

Images (as we have been talking about) can make it or break it, but if you work on having consistent images that harmonize with your brand and are capable of pulling reader towards your direction you will have the ball in your court. Let’s face it, not everyone is a gifted photographer or/and have the time to create perfect pictures, but that’s when stock photography comes to the rescue. Bonus point! blog imagery and Pinterest posts go hand by hand, so giving your posts some good looking, not blurry, a well-contrasted image will help you to increase traffic to your page, not to mention that you’ll be the envy of other bloggers too.

4. Products

As a graphic designer myself, I think stock pictures are the best investments you can make in your business future, it saves me so much time and makes my products look amazing without too much work. It doesn’t matter if you are selling digital products, showcasing your gallery, offering a print, flyer or PDF of your next giveaway or book, stock images can elevate your product and give it that WOOW factor…

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