However, when I read the first couple, B implys me that the subject is not particularly compliant with the rules, but that he adapts to it to avoid trouble. A implies that it respects the rules and that it also complies with them within the framework of its principles. On the basis of the definition of the concept of concordance, we look at what it means to say in agreement with. It was built according to an old world design and, in its form, it looked like an old chapter house. You can also use the phrase in accordance with time. The best way to understand the meaning of in agreement with is to consider some examples. In short, “in agreement with” is a bad English standard. However, I do not see any significant difference in the second pair. However, “in agreement with” seems a little strange to my ear, but that`s probably because I`ve never seen or heard something that is not a document that is the subject of the prepositional phrase “with the…

Employment Committee and the Party Commission of “Agree with.” Better yet: his behaviour corresponded to the smile on his face, which meant that an observer could either look at his smile or his behavior, and expect or understand intuit or the other. The problem was that I had grosso transferred my production in accordance with that. Here is a short list to agree with synonyms for your reference: The compulsion to work women, in accordance with socialist doctrines, would arouse opposition to the new government. Concordance comes from the term “concord,” which is a state of agreement. Example to say that something has been done in accordance with certain obligations: Consistent with the means that a person agrees with something or agrees to comply with certain rules, laws or standards. There are many ways to rephrase “in agreement with” namely: the gentlemen of the old always offer their arms, and it is, and it will take a long time, in accordance with the label, to do so. 2a- 2b. His behaviour did not correspond to his grin, and his behaviour did not consult his smile, and then behaved accordingly, both were mistaken. It would take shape in accordance with a three-step recognition of the fundamental realities we face in this area. In these cases, MTS reports that it clings indefinitely to film equipment, in accordance with national law, which encourages the maintenance of film equipment for at least two years. As an alternative to in agreement with, there are other phrases or synonyms that you can use to mean more or less the same thing. “In accordance with the law” is a set that is often used in legal form.

Agree is a transitive verb that requires an active agreement, not a passive state with which one agrees. If it says, “We have agreed” or “we agree,” it is after the fact that we actively agree. Garner`s Modern American Usage says that by means (1) “depends”; (2) “as declared or declared by (a person); ” or (3) “in agreement with.” It is relatively often used in contracts to convey the last of these meanings, as explained in “Any dispute must be resolved by arbitration according to the procedures of this section 12.10.” According to data from 240 contracts filed last week via the SEC`s EDGAR system.

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