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I bet you have read thousand of articles about promoting your shop and how you must be on social media, and how many times you should post. Bla, bla, bla; you know. You have heard that before and you honestly have no time between building an empire and that little thing called life, to also be stuck on your phone all day planning what and where you should post next.

Let me tell you something that is absolutely no secret, social media, it is a lot of work, ok? But what if I tell you that just with the minimum effort you could get all this social media marketing done and off your To Do list once for all? What if you could just hit your target with just one single shot and send them right to your Etsy page? Sounds magnificent eh?

Did you know that according to research, Pinterest users are willing to pay more for the items they find on the app than other items found through other search engines? In fact, the average order value from Pinterest referral traffic is $58.95, compared to $55 for Facebook, according to Shopify research. But the question is HOW do you make it happen. So tight your hair in a bun and pull up your big boy pants, because even if you have no idea how Pinterest works, it will help you drive huge amounts of traffic to your store.

Gabellare_Graphic Design Studio

So let’s start from the basics, what is Pinterest and why is it so important? So, Pinterest is basically a giant mood board or even catalog of images, if you wish; where people pin photos into collections called “boards”. The great thing about Pinterest is that even if it’s a board that you are creating for yourself, you are also helping other people to discover new ideas. Also, I must add (because you are really going to love this) PINS ARE FOREVER! Yes, they do. Unlike other social media platforms, where your posts only have a limited lifespan of a couple of hours; Pinterest works differently. Let’s say 5 of your followers re-pin your pin, then that pin gets seen by their followers (even if they don’t follow you). If your pin is good, the followers of your followers might re-pin your pin and then you get the ball rolling. And the best part is that you only had to create that initial pin and look how far it’s going.

But don’t you think that Pinterest is just about repining content around. I mean, while re-pins, get your message across further than what Instagram or Facebook would do, you still need to get those possible clients to click on your images!. You need to make sure that all of those impulsive buyers are getting your message and this is why your graphics and descriptions are so important. You need to have the right targeted keywords to get clients landing on your pins and clicking your site.

Images on Pinterest are different from Etsy, your prospects need to be able to know what your product is all about without having to read the description. So make sure the product shows clearly, otherwise they might just keep scrolling. A great trick is to have different images for the same product, test which one performs best and stick with that.


Another great tip is to use your main keywords in your description, make them sound like a paragraph, so they flow better and is not just like throwing some words on your description. I have found that the best is when I get into the mind of my clients, not everyone knows the terminology for items in your niche, so if you keep it simple and relatable your items will come up more often on Pinterest. Using a call to action in your description will also get people to click through and buy.

Group boards are another great way to increase traffic and sales for your store. If you don’t know what they are, group boards are like the holy grail for Pinterest enthusiasts. Is basically a collaboration between people that have the same goal (increase traffic if you have a store, get people reading your posts if you are a blogger…), so they can help you to put your pins in front of more people and give you those re-pins to keep the ball rolling on the right track.

And to get all this magnificent power and crazy exposure, I recommend you to open a Pinterest for a business account! It’s free, of course, and it gives you access to analytics, rich and promoted pins. Of course, including the fact that you’ll look like a real professional within your market. So if you haven’t done all this already, go ahead, sign in and convert into business! Then sit back and enjoy what world dominations bring.

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  1. Pinterest has been my #1 source of traffic for so long now. It’s such a great platform! So many great tips here.

    1. Thanks! for how long have you been in business?

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