How to attract your dream Client

if you have been wondering why isn’t your store increasing sales, here is why…

As a beginner freelancer, it was tough to start my own business. With no real knowledge of marketing strategies or what do you need to start your own business, I had to research a lot to make my store what it is today. Starting all you wish is to make a sale, no matter who your client is. Most times we create items that we are so excited to show to the world, but the truth is that sometimes they are not appealing to them. 

After months selling my beautiful designs for less than $3 CAD and seeing no changes in my store sales, I discovered that maybe I was just not hitting the right people. When you have been working non-stop for months in your business, you expect high-quality inquiries from all those clients out there who’s been looking at your work, right? Like most likely you receive a lot of dead-end inquiries and even some clients that aren’t specifically perfect for you. Yes, you are not alone.

No need to cry about it, but this is your time to start making some big changes to get you back on track and attract some dream clients.

Creating a client profile:

Not every client is the same, but there must be some special characteristics that are desirable in your ideal client profile, you can start with these:

  1. Male or Female?
  2. What age range?
  3. What do they do for work? Do they work on their own or for a company?
  4. What is their education level?
  5. What’s their income level?
  6. What problems do your clients face?
  7. What social media do they use?

This might be easier if you have been in business for a bit longer than if you just started, but don’t think about these questions as a limitation. Your goal with this is to understand what does your customer looks like, what does he/she do, what does he/she likes, and so on. 

For example:

My ideal client is female between 25-35 years of age (I recommend to have no more than a 10 years gap), who is looking to get free from her 9-5 job to start her own soap business. She is well educated and has a good job, nevertheless, she is not feeling fulfilled in her current position. I imagine my client walking around downtown where all the handmade stores are; my ideal client values originality and beauty of artisan products, she is in love of the simplicity and the high-end twist of the stores. Her problem is finding a branding image that represents who she is as a business owner and that gives her the confidence to step outside her comfort zone.

Think about this last example and visualize what is your ideal client doing right now. If you have a good clientele already I suggest you create a survey, this can help you recollect more accurate information.

Get a name for your ideal client:

Maybe you have already found your ideal client, and as a matter of fact, he or she already love your brand and what you offer. But if you are still on stage 1 of the process, and is hard to visualize that perfect person just take 5 and play around with a name… Sometimes this exercise helps to make it more real and easier to relate than just “Client X”.

how to attract your ideal client

Get more From your Ideal Client:

Once you have found the qualities for that ideal client, you need to think about how to guide them your way.

Branding: Where does your client usually shops? Is it online? Physical store? Does your current website/store give you the same feeling? The most important word here is RELATABILITY, your clients are more likely to shop from places they can relate to. So go back to your own store and cross out all the things that are not in line with your new client profile. Your brand (as we have said many times) is more than just a logo, it’s the overall feeling and experience that you provide to your clients.

Referrals: This is a big one, all businesses are based on referrals. Next time one of your clients shop at your store offer them a gift, a discount for referring you to their friends. Most likely their acquaintances will also fit with your business values.

Find Where your Client is:

If during your research time you found that your ideal client spends 3-5 hours daily on social media, that’s the place you need to be. The key to this game is to be around the same circles where your ideal client is. Blog about topics your ideal client is struggling with, answer questions on blogs related to their tastes (but keep it related to your niche) is also an awesome way to earn more business.

The most important idea to remember is that you need to broaden your target if you are trying to sell to everyone, you are attracting no one! It might be scary to get too specific about your niche, but once you do, you’ll see all the opportunities, better clients and loyal following coming your way.

Everything you do for your business needs to be well thought and focused on your ideal client. 

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