How to Create Eye catching Pinterest Images

you don’t need a graphic designer to create amazing graphics

If you are reading this, you are probably a blogger or an entrepreneur like me! But if you are not, you must know about the importance of a great first impression. This does not only applies for business meetings, as a matter of fact, but it is also imperative for your everyday life, especially as a business owner, brand, public figure, Superman, Etsy brainiac or blogger. A good first impression will help you drive traffic to your website and social media accounts too… and done properly, this can actually increase your conversion rate! (I bet you didn’t see that coming).

In case you missed it, in one of my previous posts I talked about how important Pinterest is for increasing sales on your online business, but the truth is that with over 200 million active monthly users, Pinterest can transform your business into a mine of gold!

So how do you squeeze more juice out of lemons? Real simple, and the answer is (drums please) HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS.

Pinterest, just as Instagram, is an absolute visual app. Even before you read the description, you are bombarded with all these beautiful pins. Use this to your advantage, people want to be able to preview what’s all the fuzz about before they click into your pin. If your image is not properly lighted, blurry, if it is too busy or has absolutely no focal point, your possible clients will just keep scrolling.

If you are freaking out already, let me tell you, you have nothing to worry about. You don’t need an expensive software or photographer to get your graphics ready to go. My absolutely favorite tool for creating graphics is Canva. I must say, I’m a graphic designer so I design most of my marketing materials, but when I’m buried on piles of work and need something quick to get me out of the whole, this is my go-to!. If you have never used or heard about Canva, you are totally missing out. Canva is a free online graphics creator, that will make the task of creating images way easier. The app is really easy to use and it offers a lot of graphics that you can use for free, some of their templates might be available for purchase.

My personal choices are Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, this is what I use on daily basis to create graphics for my store and my clients. But if you are not a graphic designer or not really looking to expand your budget into other aspects then Canva is the way to go! There are also other apps like PickMonkey and Pixlr if you want to look for more options.

Use Templates

Templates are your best friend!, templates are excellent because they help you to stay consistent with your brand across all your platforms, save time (A LOT OF TIME) and save you money, you know what they say “Time is Money”. Create a template for Pinterest will help your potential customers identify the styles of your posts anywhere.

You can see my post templates have a harmonious style, that relates to each other. (I have to add that I made them all myself using Photoshop – but you can create pins like this on Canva)

They all have the same elements that are part of my template, the location of my logo, the font, the type of background and color combination, everything stays the same across my posts, but their position might slightly change throughout my brand.

Image Settings

Like any other platform, when on Pinterest you have to consider their optimum post size and orientation. Pins with a vertical orientation tend to work better than horizontal or square images, this is due to the layout of the site. Horizontal images tend to appear significantly smaller than vertical pins; so keep in mind that the optimal size is 736px wide by 1102px tall.


Remember less is more! keep your text on graphics to a minimal. Avoid long confusing titles, if it takes you more than a second to read your followers might not even try! Help your audience to stop and understand immediately what is your pin all about. 

Another great thing about Pinterest is that it, in fact, reads the text in your images to classify your posts according to search topics, so this is a great opportunity to sprinkle some of your fabulous keywords and play around with the sizes to create emphasis into the most important one.


This is a really important one, if you are using images in your background, make sure you are not inflicting with the copyright. Look for free stock images and look into their image licensing agreements. Also, ensure that your imagery isn’t blocking any important text.

These are all my tricks for creating beautiful Pinterest worthy graphics! hope it makes your entrepreneurial journey a bit easier. But if you have any questions or comments, leave me a line down below and I’ll make sure your question gets answered.

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