How to start an online business with no money

Be the Boss of your own business without spending a dime.

Yes, if you are reading this is you are probably in that stage of your life where you just want to send everyone to hell, and be the boss of your online business. We all have been through that. Being a business owner is the dream for many. For me, that little bug bit me when I was just a girl wanting to sell my own handmade jewelry, between many other dreams…

Starting an online business can be difficult, according to 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months. That’s why you need to invest all of your time in a good design plan to succeed.

Here are my best tips for:

How to Start An Online Business with No Money | Gabellare

Use social media

No need for explanation, with more than 2.8 BILLION active users worldwide, social media is the place to go for “free” advertisement. The best part of it is that you don’t need to be active in all of them to generate traffic to your business. In my case, I started with a Facebook and Instagram business account and later work towards growing my Pinterest and Twitter. Now 52.6% of my traffic comes from social media. So my best advice for you is to open a business social media account, promote your products, engage with other users and be active. Don’t forget to be helpful with others in the same industry and participate.

“Starting an online business can be difficult, but isn’t starting anything always the hard part?, that doesn’t mean impossible!”

Take Advantage of Social Media Groups

Groups, in my belief, are one of the best ways to promote your products or services, without looking like you are trying to push a sale through the eyes of your audience. Most Facebook groups offer the possibility to participate in threads that guarantee huge exposure for your online business at no cost. Same with Pinterest group boards, you don’t need 2K followers to get your posts seen. Just need to make sure you join groups related to your niche and start growing your business.

Go for Trials

Even tho you will be restricted to the premium functions, there are really great trials that are pretty helpful for your online business.

Marmalead: Has a great free version that will help you Concord your business SEO. The trial is really limited but it has the necessary tools to make you start. It offers you lists of listings using the same keywords so you can plan your SEO strategy according to what your competitors are using.

Google Adwords: I just started using this tool and I think it has been slowly becoming my favorite. It provides you with stats about searches for specific words, you can see their reach and cost per click, in case you are using them for your ad campaign. The best part ( I think) is that you can export your list of words and paste it into a spreadsheet.

MailChimp: I use this one for my email list, with the free version you can automate newsletter campaigns; create segments for your email list; and check your newsletter stats for each campaign, all this for up to 2000 subscribers.

Tailwind: This is, in fact, the reason for most of my Pinterest growth. With the free version, you can automate about 100 pins and/or 30 Instagram posts. In case you haven’t made your maths, that’s at least a whole month posts planned ahead for you. The whole process takes about 15 minutes and saves you a great amount of time. It also allows you to send those posts to your Twitter and Facebook, and schedule them during pick hours to ensure maximum engagement. I must add that after my trial version ended, I went for a premium plan and it has worked wonders on my Pinterest account.

I must add that after my trial version ended, I went for a premium plan and it has worked wonders on my Pinterest account.

The best thing is that you don’t need to cancel any service and they are valuable tools to help you improve the traffic to your store.

Offer Free Stuffs

It might sound stupid, how are you going to make money giving away stuff for free? but the reality is that you have to build a clientele. When I started Gabellare, my major concern was to find clients. I had been living in Canada for 3 years now and networking was never my strongest field.

So after I got myself committed to getting this to work I went to one of my Facebook groups and find someone who needed help. Since my niche is Graphic Design, my goal is to help business owners to get as much of their brand as it’s possible.

I offer my first client a brand new logo design for free. These allowed me to gain her trust just with the fact that she had nothing to lose, while I gain one of my most valuable clients. Now Alchemy Bath CO, is one of my most loyal clients and she attracts a lot of clients to my business. Which leads me to my tip #6.

Offer the Best Customer Services you can

Happy customers = Referrals. It’s not rocket science, once you’ve had the best customer service, don’t you feel like spreading the word? No matter if you have a physical store or an online business. It’s a domino effect. One happy customer will tell their friends and family, about the great service they got at your store. All you need is to be willing to go that extra mile to ensure your customer is completely satisfied. It might be through a discount coupon; maybe adding a little extra on their package or even with suggestions about printing locations in their community.

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  1. These are some great tips. I hadn’t realized just how many free starter options there were before I started my business. I think that so many people don’t start their business because they feel like they need a bunch of money upfront. Stuff like this is great for people to know.

    1. Exactly!, there are so many ways to start, but the most important part is to go for it.

  2. Good post- you are SO right about needing to go the extra mile. That hard work pays off!

    1. That’s true! it does and is just all about service if don’t live to serve why do you even do it in the first place right?

  3. Blogging was the first online business I started with no money lol. Great post.

    1. Thank you my dear <3 I love your blog btw.

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