In a press release issued on February 4, 2009 (74 FR 6080), sSA announced an increased dollar amount, which can be approved as part of the pricing process. The increase in the dollar limit may apply to royalty agreements approved on or after June 22, 2009. (3) SSA receives your fee contract before a favourable decision is made; Part of the problem is that the pricing agreement trial sets a cap on legal fees, which is currently $5,300. The Social Security Act stipulates that the Social Security Commissioner “from time to time” should not increase the ceiling more than the annual increase in the cola share. 42 U.S.C No. 406 (a) (2) (A). The ceiling has only been raised once since 1991, when the commission`s procedure was put in place. The Commissioner raised the cap to $5,300 for favourable decisions on February 1, 2002. 67 Fed.

Reg. 2.477 (2002). See also HALLEX I-1-2-12 A.3. The SSA`s decision on a fee contract is limited to the question of whether the contract meets the legal requirements of the law and is not otherwise. The applicant appoints several representatives of the same company and does not sign any common royalty agreement; if the applicant or representative does not submit the royalty agreement before the date of the SSA`s first favourable decision, which was made after the representative`s participation began, SSA assumes that the agent waives its royalty or uses the royalty application process to obtain the SSA`s authorization to collect and recover a fee. The pricing agreement and royalty applications are not interchangeable. Therefore, in the context of appealing a partially favourable decision, a representative cannot move on to the royalty contract procedure. One of the legal conditions for approving a pricing agreement is that the parties submit the agreement to the SSA before the date of the favourable decision.

With respect to claims that involve more than one favourable decision (i.e. partly favourable decisions that result in a more favourable decision on the appeal), SSA examines when the agent has received the right to determine whether the legal conditions of authorization are met. The royalty agreement and royalty application procedures are not interchangeable. However, if a representative chooses the pricing agreement procedure but we do not approve the agreement or if we maintain the refusal of a royalty agreement on the administrative review, the representative must file a royalty application if he wishes to collect and collect a fee.

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