Top 5 tips for creating the perfect Etsy title

Gide for new Etsy sellers and Old ones too.

Titles, titles, titles, they are absolutely the main core of Etsy and vital for your store’s SEO. Your title will help your future clients to know what are they looking at and how serious are you as a business owner. Yes! Believe it or not, titles have a huge weight on the success of your products, as a matter of fact, they have as much weight as your product pictures (in my opinion), so your titles should and have to be a priority when crafting the perfect listing.

There’s a thin line between a perfect SEO title and a title that pleases your buyers. When I first started my Etsy journey, I had shorter titles that kind of explained everything my products were, good, but not the most effective system. Now that I perfected my technique, my titles have improved 100% and have helped me increase my sales exponentially.

Tip #1: Use as many characters as Etsy allows you!

This is suuuuper important!, Etsy allows you 140 characters in total and each character is another opportunity to attract more and better clients. This means to use as many keywords as possible if you have no idea how many you have left Etsy offers you a little countdown at the bottom of the title where you can check how many characters you have remaining.

Tip #2: Use keyword phrases (long tail and short tail keywords) and separate them

The good news is that you don’t need to create extremely long sentences when creating your titles. The only thing you need is to find amazing keywords that describe your items and phrase them into small 2-4 words sentences. This will allow you to play around with your title and create some flexibility when it comes to searching. Let’s say you just listed a beautiful blue ribbon for babies with polka dots, your title could be something like: 

Ribbon for newborn | Blue Polka Dot Ribbon | Newborn gift | Newborn ribbon | Blue ribbon.

Please notice that I like to add little separators for my keywords, it makes it more readable and clean for my customers and honestly it just looks nicer instead of having a really long sentence without end or beginning.

Tip #3: Punctuation and Style

This is my personal preference, but I like my titles minimal and organized, so I use a lot of title caps and lower cases because it gives my titles a cleaner look, must add that it looks also way more professional than just having a bunch of lower case. The way you organize your titles tell a lot about you and the way you run your store (believe me) if you only use capitals throughout your tiles you look sloppy and to tell you the truth it makes me feel like I’m being yelled at. On the other hand, if you only use low cases it might look like you don’t care, you are being shy or even that you are not reliable or trustworthy.

Tip #4: Find your strongest Keywords first

The way SEO works is by “ranking” the words you use and prioritizing them accordingly, so the first 2 or 3 keywords you use in your title are the most important words you need to pay attention to. I have to add that when your clients search for a specific item they only see the first few words in the search results page. If you need help deciding what should the order be, I use Marmalead, I adore this app and the reason is because they have this amazing feature that allows you to rank the keywords. This app has helped me so much to improve my titles with that feature and I honestly have no remorse investing my money on it, but even if you are not convinced about giving away your money, they do have a great free option, is a bit limited if you compare it with the paid version but it’s just so amazing that you’ll have no problem navigating through it and creating great titles.

Tip #5: Vary your titles

This is something that I didn’t learn until I has almost half way through my first year using Etsy. All your titles need to be different from each other, no matter how alike they can be. I usually try to use similar keywords, some of them I repeat along my products depending on the type of item, but no titles are the same ever. And there’s a reason for this crazy rule, when you are working hard to rank on Etsy, Google should be also part of your concern. Most of your buyers (at least those new ones that might not have an Etsy account or might be looking for products like yours somewhere else) are going to find you through Google. The problem is that the Google Gods totally hate duplicates! And actually penalize you for having products with the same exact title. Even if you don’t care about Google domination, you still don’t want to be competing with yourself.

Bonus tip!: This is super important for your Etsy success, and it’s to make sure your titles and tags stay consistent always. You must include the same keyword phrases from your titles into your tags, I have mentioned this in previous posts but it’s vital. If possible, you want your keywords to apear in the same order as your title or at least as much as possible.

Check my Etsy store here for more examples of titles.

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