7 members are considered persistent and unaffected; That the member does not follow the rules, ACE`s trade rules and rules or any other condition related to ACE`s membership and that ELLE ACE is free to assert its rights under this sub-activity, regardless of its rights against the member or in accordance with its trade by-law, rules and rules, including changes to these raw materials or other guarantees that take place or are taken, regardless of any change, change or change. 19. Although the products have been required to ensure the commitments as specified above, it is not mandatory for ACE to authorize exposure of this level at any time, and ACE may, at its sole discretion, reduce, modify or modify the extent of this exposure at any time or from time to time. Products subject to the obligation to guarantee initial exposure are deemed to be required to guarantee such modified, increased or reduced or modified accommodation limits. The Member undertakes to execute all other documents required for this purpose by ACE/Custodian/Depository Participant and, if applicable, to comply with all legal requirements in this regard, including the payment of an additional stamp duty and, if applicable, registration fees. 20. In the case of a re-enactment/restructuring or such a modification of the member`s partners/karta, a member is required to replace without delay the goods belonging to these outgoing/Karta partners, which are held alone on their behalf, with guarantees that can be approved and accepted by ACE. Without prejudice to its rights, ACE reserves the right to withdraw the benefits of these raw materials pending such a replacement with respect to additional social capital or similar requirements. 21. The Executor hereshes that he has the right to perform this act by letter of decision/authorization (only in the case of a non-individual member) according to the copy of the Board of Directors. 22. Any dispute arising from this act or its execution is settled by arbitration by a single arbitrator appointed by the CEA.

The place of arbitration is located in Mumbai, in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 1996 and any amendments to the 1996 Act. 23. This act is governed and interpreted by the laws of India, and the courts in Mumbai are exclusively competent for all matters arising from this act. Running the day, month and year above. Signed, sealed and delivered by the above member – OR ACCORD FOR THE SERVICE (see agreement (No. 5). There are a number of agreements that the company has concluded in its daily operation, such as the transport agreement, the household agreement, the recruitment agreement with a staff service provider, the security agreement. The Indian Stamp Act does not expressly provide for the payment of stamp duty on these agreements. I would like to know if these agreements should be on stamp paper? If so, what is the value of the buffer paper? CHIT AGREEMENT, that is, an agreement on a legal act within the meaning of Section 2, paragraph 2, of the Madras Chit Funds Act, 1961, as extended to the territory of the Delhi Union1, when such an agreement is implemented or the chit is implemented within the territory of the Delhi Union1 CHARTER PARTY, i.e.

any instrument (except an agreement to lease a tugboat), a vessel or a specified part being leased for the purposes of the Charter, whether or not it contains a clause.

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