Information about hall residents, including room and meal rates, food program options, applications and frequently asked questions, can be found on the Housing and Food Services website. Most housing contracts have a period of 9 months or 12 months. If you are only here for one or two quarters, you should always choose 9 or 12 month options and our office will confirm the duration of your exchange program, so you will not be penalized. Graduates should check the housing opportunities for graduates on the Housing and Food Services website. End-of-year boxes can fill up quickly, so be sure to submit your application as soon as possible, as soon as you`ve been admitted. Many students choose to live at the University of Washington in off-campus apartments (either in an apartment or in a room in a common home). Here are some online resources that current and former UW students have recommended to help you find off-campus accommodation: Before you can apply to reside in UW residences, you must receive your acceptance letter and have your UW NetID set up that allows you to access the online housing application. Please note that it may take several days for your UW NetID information to be transferred to the HFS database. Motor vehicles must be parked in designated car parks. Virtual parking cards are required for motor vehicles purchased online via the university car park website. Residents who drive cars to campus are encouraged to hold a shovel in their car during the winter months. If you are a student and indicated in your exchange application that you were interested in on-campus housing, you were included in the priority list for accommodation sent to the Office of Housing and Food Services (HFS).

5) Students often find accommodation by strolling through the university district and looking for “for rent” signs that are visible on apartments and local homes. Many rooms and apartments available are not listed online, so walking looking is a good way to live a place as well as get an idea of neighborhoods and commutes to work to campus. Take a look at our temporary accommodation site. UW Residence Halls open a few days before classes start, so if you move in before classes start, remember that meal service is limited before the first day of the course. 12 months of moving is planned for mid-September. The family apartments are arranged by the Housing Authority. Moving dates range from 8 .m to 17.m. ANm from Monday to Friday. NB: If you are in the fall quarter for international welcome weeks and would like to move into the residences before opening, you can apply for accommodation at the beginning of the year in August. For more information, please visit the HFS website.

Students who decide to live on campus should start planning at an early stage. FIUTS has residential resources on its site, including on-site and off-campus home comparisons, suggestions for finding off-campus housing, and short-term housing proposals. If you have a disability that may require special considerations, please send a written description of your needs to the transfer office if you enter into your contract for My UW Housing`s university residences. The University of Wisconsin Green Bay strives to promote campus sharing for learning, personal growth and development, academic success, safety and well-being. Students and students who stay on campus, You must follow all the guidelines, rules and regulations regarding accommodation, the expectations and procedures listed below as well as the information contained in the following documents: If you are considering housing in the university residence and would like to be accommodated with other veterans, transfer students or first-year students, please contact one of our coordinators for the tasks and the

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