What should you do weekly to grow your business

Be the Boss of your own business without spending a dime.

Come closer! I have huge secrets to tell you. No matter what do you specialize in, if you sell painted sea shells or offer your web design services this applies to you all. I know you already spend so many hours working on your products/services, but what about the time you spend focusing on the other parts of your business? 

As a designer, I do spend a lot of hours building brand strategies and marketing concepts, but there’s a lot more to my business than just that. Like everyone else who decided to take the self-employed path, we have to think about content creation, social media strategy, marketing, accounting, promotion and so much more besides just CREATING. It’s surprising how many hats you start to wear in order to develop a successful business. If you are reading this posts I imagine you are trying to do more than just survive, you are here to climb to the top of the success mountain. That’s why it’s so important to focus your efforts on all those aspects of your business that aren’t just creating pretty things.

Plan Ahead

Every week you should write down a list of goals and place them somewhere visible (yes, visible! Not behind your door). Keep track of your goals and measure your success. Be clear regarding what you wish to achieve, check them every day if possible and keep them visible.

Start every week planning how will your days look like. Plan all your meetings, due dates, tasks, and breaks; and focus yourself on the rights (so you can do more of) and wrongs (so you can think about how to improve them) of your previews week. Maybe you didn’t handle a problem with a client in the best way possible (how can you make it better?), maybe your social media scheduling was a total success with thousands of followers and engagement. Place yourself in the position to make this week the best working week you’ve ever had.

Staying in track with your business goals will help be more receptive to tackle tasks and work to get you closer to where you need to be. Planning ahead on a weekly basis will also help you to improve your productivity and allows you to delegate and prioritize work.

Track Stats

One of the best ways to ensure you are going in the right direction is by tracking your success. You can create your own spreadsheet and add the results from your social media engagement, blog views, website traffic, sales online, etc. from that week. Keeping an eye for growth indicators will give you an understanding of how your strategies perform and help you see what needs to be changed.

Engage with your community

You have no clue how important it is to create a sense of community and how it pays off. Take a couple of minutes every week to engage with others, whether they are in the same niche, clients or just strangers looking for some direction. Offer value anytime you can and you’ll be surprised by the reaction. Sharing your knowledge of topics that surround your niche will make you seem like a professional and will portray confidence and loyalty around your audience.

Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Your goal is to be seen by as many as possible, so every week make sure you are in front of new audiences, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable, it will help your business grow. You can pitch in a guest blog post, comment on social media groups, start a Youtube channel, submit your project/product to an industry site, start using Facebook/Instagram lives, webinars, start a newsletter…  

Make sure your audience knows you, stay in front of them so they remember who you are.

Review your finances

This is the topic that has always scared me the most. 

Set aside 1 or 2 hours a week to go over all of your expenses is a must!, running a business is not easy especially if you get money from more than one source. Log all your income and expenses, organize your invoices and receipts and keep track of your account balances. Organization a measuring are the top priorities for business owners (or they should). If you stay on top of your finances every week you’ll be more likely to reach your financial goals and growing your business. You’ll be able to see exactly what happens and smile at your bank account every time you land a new client.

The key to business success is consistency and improvement. Modify everything that won’t work and do more of all that get’s you more business. Checking on your business connately will keep you focused on your goals and clarify what measures need to be taken.

Learn from the failure and celebrate every win, no matter how small you think it is, it takes you a step closer to your goal. Business is hard and good vibes go a long way. 

I would love to hear from you, what do you do on a weekly basis to get your business in track?.

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